15: Plan C

A black mass flashed through the trees, rushed at Carrie. The Slasher was coming for the kill.

Carrie was ready. As the Slasher came up on her, she whipped around and threw a handful of salt at its hood.

Thata girl, I thought.

The Slasher bowed its hood so that the salt slammed into the cloth of the hood rather than into the creature’s surely deranged face.


In creating my ingenious plan, I hadn’t considered the Slasher wising up to Carrie’s salt. Figured. Our first plan, as orchestrated by Leslie, had blown. So why not this one too?

What was this plan of mine? Simple. Carrie would make me invisible to the Slasher by doing her invisibility-thing with the necklace. Now, not being able to be detected by the Slasher, I would climb into a nearby tree, while Carrie, the one who the Slasher could still detect, would wait in the clearing for the Slasher to pounce, with a handful of salt to take it down when it did. When it was down, I would leap from the tree and shove the rest of the bag in its face, rendering it helpless long enough so that Carrie and I could make it back to the old church, to finish the real trap.

Let’s be honest—a little too simple.

Unfortunately, now that the Slasher had found a way to deflect Carrie’s attack, I was going to have to do this on my own. I leapt from the tree, hopped on the Slasher's back, wrapped my arm around it, and shoved the bag of salt in its face.

The Slasher ducked its hood, evading my attack as well. Most of the salt fell on the ground.

“RUN, CARRIE!” I shouted in an order.

While I struggled with the Slasher, Carrie bolted into the woods.

The Slasher hit my arm so that the bag of salt went flying into the woods, then it threw me off its back.

As I hit the ground, I rolled on my side-just wanting to stay in motion, cause the more I moved, the more work the Slasher was going to have to do to get to me. I scraped some dirt and salt into my hand and as the silhouette of the creature came at me, I shoved my hand up, into its hood, and pressed what I'd grabbed into it.

The Slasher leapt back, as it had done in the mausoleum, and unleashed a shrill, much like the one I'd heard when it was struggling at the pool.

While it was in pain, I ran into the woods, dodging stumps, fallen branches, and saplings. I didn’t see or hear Carrie anywhere around. I was going to have to get back to the old church on my own. And that wasn’t going to be too easy.